Travelling & Blogging… Via Iphone and iPad

Typing with a laptop keyboard, easy, done that. What about using an iphone or ipad? That might be interesting. WordPress got this nice mobile apps that allows us to do so and thus I decided to try it out. It got all that mobility and writing tools, you can even share pictures from flickr and instagram just by copying the link. Formatting, is kind of tricky as you’d need to know some basic html codec to create appealing and good-looking pages.

So far, so good. Instagram pictures,

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Road trip – South Island, New Zealand, Part 2

continued from part 1

Day 6-10.

Day 6: Queenstown

The next morning, walk to town, after a cup of latte n scone, I continued exploring the streets throughout the day. There are some shops selling outdoor clothing’s from reputable brands there and bought a few things for myself. Basically most of the day was done window shopping and admiring all the stuff they had to offer.

Finished the whole day sight-seeing Queenstown and photographing while the rest of the group went bungy jumping. Cost to jump alone is NZD 180. If you want souvenirs picture jumping, that’s another NZD 45 and for picture complete with vid is NZD 80. I really liked walking the streets of Queenstown, It’s not a big city at and I finished walking the town area in just few hours, A beautiful place, so warm with everything telling you to just lay back and relax.

seagulls waiting for opportunity

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Road trip – South Island, New Zealand, part 1

A travelogue of our journey to the south island of New Zealand.


Arriving at LCCT earlier than the rest, I had to wait for the others. Waiting is B.O.R.I.N.G. The Internet line’s SLOW. Forget the public wi-fi at peak times and there’s nothing to do.

After a while, grab something to eat at Starbucks. For an airport like LCCT, catering A low-cost carrier airline, makes it a very busy terminal, it’s the main choice for travellers in the region, hence the crowd is just incredible. Starbucks which is normally a quiet peaceful sanctuary is just chaos, chaos, chaos here. Can’t blame the barista if they are bit tensed and hyped, even feel kind of pity for them having to endure all that while I was sitting by the counter observing for half an hour with nonstop coming orders.

Well done to them for being patient and professional… As for the rest of the airport terminal, a circus going on every hour of day.

The rest of the group came few hours later, checked in without any glitch, and were on our way.

Transit- Sydney.

Flight took 7 hrs 50 min to land at Sydney. Landed Sydney 1:00 pm, local time. We just waited at the airport terminal, because the next flight to Christchurch is just a few hours. There’s some shops and eateries, enough to keep you entertained for that few hours wait, just don’t let your budget run out of control. From Sydney 7:30PM, depart to Christchurch and landed 1:30am (Christchurch time). Flight took about 3 hours. At this point the time zone was getting confusing.

Christchurch airport, not many people this early,

With all the cafe’s and restaurant already closed, our hungry stomach made us ask the security officer at the airport where we can get some food and he pointed to us the nearest McDonald’s direction… we walked there for 15 minutes, found out that it’s closed for dine-in except for drive through customers. So the poor guy had to take our orders ran back and forth from the counter to the front door, and he did it nicely for the eight of us. We had our meal outside the restaurant in the cold and didn’t mind it though as we were too hungry.

The route,

In general, this what the drive looked liked. Probably some discrepancy but for viewing purposes it is as close as it can get.

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Backpacking Bali, experience in Kintamani.

Planning .

This trip, I wanted to visit Kintamani.

Mount Batur seems like a nice outdoor place to visit and have a trek, maybe some running as well.

Reading reviews and travel blogs, made me concluded that it’s a place seldom visited and much under the radar by tourist. In-fact, it’s not even listed in lonely planet index, content pages. So when some of the online reviews disliked the haggling and touting locals “guide(s)” I could imagined the competition that they are having there to get that extra income. Not my idea for a holiday.

Since my arrival to Kuta would be late in the evening, I arranged for accommodation in advance to avoid too much hassle on that first night, I did that via and planned to go straight to Kintamani the next morning after finding transport.

I arranged for a place to stay at Kintamani too, and if necessary, extend the stay for another night. My plan is to Trek Mount Batur, climb and have a walk around the location for a few days before heading home. A short trip only just to unwind.

Packing day.

As usual, prepared the checklist, write essentials things, and started packing. While charging the DSLR battery, I got the idea of not bringing my camera as it’s just a few days trip and I planning other things in mind, trekking, probably jogging the country side. So, took out the camera and stow it away this time. Besides Iphone5 and Ipad camera will do the job for few good snapshots.


Became an instant millionaire with IDR2,812,000 from RM800 exchange. Hope its enough but experience taught me it might not and its always a good idea to have some backup cash or some other source like ATM, credit cards on standby.

night stop Kuta.

Arrived Kuta, searched for the hotel I booked earlier, Beneyasa. Suunto navigation helped a lot… Found in a jiffy. No worries not being able to find my way back. Before embarking on this trip, I need to know the coordinates first to save the location in the watch. The hotel… Scary, It feels like there’s no other guest there except me. They didn’t provide blankets and towel, rooms smells and the bathroom in a sad state, strange. Didn’t ask or complained much as I did not put high expectations on IDR75000/night. Besides’ its just for a night stop anyway.


Early next morning In Kuta, searched for transport to Kintamani but there wasn’t many, only a few operator offered shuttle bus there, and there’s only one trip each day at 9:00am which even requested a minimum of 2 person, IDR150000 per person. So head to Ubud first, IDR70000, then at Ubud, searched for a bike willing to send me to Kintamani. Found a guy, asked for 160000 which is ok than the first one who wanted IDR300000. It’s Always like that, first the outrageous quote, then the second and third, way down. Had a similar experience at the airport, Exit the arrival hall, grabbed by someone wearing an airport ID “tag” and quoted IDR400000 to Kuta!  The airport published rate IDR70000.. what bullshit…

kuta-kintamani… rare.

The bike ride took about one hour from Ubud to Kintamani. My driver said we were passing the famous coffee luwak area and asked if I wanted to stop for a cup of IDR50000 coffee?

“next time” I said.

Somewhere along the road, it began to rain, we put on our raincoats, fortunately it just ended in drizzle and dissipated afterwards, not enough to soak us wet. Continue reading

Physical training. Personal experience…

Not a personal trainer or an expert in physical training, but just sharing the experience about motivation in exercise.

Why bother

We all yearn to be physically fit, not just having a lean physique and cool looking body, but healthy and strong as well… However, wanting something and doing it is a different thing all together. Being quite active in sports during the school days, I was slacking off after entering the “working environment”

For a thousand and one reason, I lazed at physical activity. Everyone that I knew, would have the same excuse, we got busy jobs, improper schedules, no time, exhausted from work, different commitment and so on, thus rendering any physical activity, beneficial to the health and well being of our body, to become insignificant. We’d still occasionally meet-up, once in a month if there were games etc, but that was just it. Besides, “exercise can wait” I’d often say to myself.

Getting slow… Slowly back on track.

10 minutes in the field, 5 minutes walking up-hill, running for 2 minutes and I’d be out of breath. It was ridiculous! Unimaginable and it made me felt terrible. I had no idea that physical fitness could deteriorate in such a way. I hated it!

Finally, I loathed the inability so much that I started “training” again. Training for what? There’s no competition to win, nothing to prove, no one to show, no objective to achieve. Just Challenge yourself, set your own target.

Small steps at first. Looking for reason and motivation along the way. Creating excuses just to get going. Easier when you are at school where physical class was in your time table and there’s your coach waiting for you at the field.

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