Backpacking Korea. Part 2

continued from part 1

day 6

flight to Jeju island.

Air Busan

Took the LRT to Gimpo international airport, checked in and one hour later, landed Jeju. Different from the main land. Jeju do not have subways train so public transportation was dependent on bus or taxi.

Jeju International airport

I arrived at the airport and walked to the hostel “HK backpackers” which was about 3km away. Arrived at the front door of the hostel without even realising it :D 1.5 hour walk.

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First time backpacking Korea. Part 1

Busan, Seoul.

Tune hotel KLIA2.

Trying out the room at tune hotel KLIA2, very nice clean and beautiful, moderately sized, comfortable, 20 channels of flat screen tv, including movies and sport, but for the price RM168, it’s still expensive by local standards. The same rate else where would get better rooms with view, probably swimming pool and gym facilities not to mention complimentary breakfast. Then again, overnight at the terminal building floors or a bed and cozy blanket.

landed Busan. day 1

The 6 hour flight, landed at 3:30PM local time, After collecting my bag, I asked the airport information counter for some direction and options for transport and fortunately they have the direction to my hostel, even gave me a pamphlet with directions. Everything was a breeze except the english which was a bit arduous at first but still manageable. Arrived at Blue backpacker hostel in Seomyeon two hours later after 2 train, and 20 minutes walk.

Arrived at Busan.. First selfie

Nice hostel

Korean metro system is quite simple. Going from point A to B is just like that. If your are used to the system, it is easy to understand, just have to observe and know the changing stations and which platform to be. For every trip you only need to get one ticket at the machine and there’s translation in english and chinese. There’s also the touch and go card, prepaid, easier and faster, but I know that I won’t be using the station much as I am the kind who walks a lot.

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Bali beach walk

no reason…

Traveling to bali this time is a little different, because there’s no specific objective or destination. What was supposed to be a trip accompanying a friend to explore Bali didn’t turn out to be as expected because my friend could not come and had to cancel at the last minute… AirAsia has a policy on non refundable bookings, so I made the most of my ticket and she had no option but to forfeit all her cost. Which left me without a plan;
what to do there?
any activity?
explore new place?
or just outdoor activity?
I still had no clear picture at this time

inspiration came

Seeking some tips on Tripadvisor and Triposo, while sitting listening to the radio at a cafe one night, I got the idea to revisit Ubud again, but visiting different attractions, maybe to Goa Gajah, and Tampak Siring for sight seeing and photography, things like that, which should be the starting point of my itenary.

KLIA 2 Travel Day

Travel day, at KLIA 2, this new terminal was completed early May, and the interior is very modern compared to LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) building before. Huge, lots of shopping choices, a wide range of food outlets.


Now, three floor of shop-lots with variety of choices for food, clothing, duty free shops etc, and there are still empty spaces waiting to be rented. Stop by San Francisco Coffee, made my accommodation booking at Kuta via I would love to just walk-in in bali, but this time I prefer doing it easy.

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