Hunting ‘Wolves of The Calla’

Book fair, November 15, 2015

It was at one of the used book fair I visited… The books are old, soiled, worn (smelled funny even)  but still readable. Not looking for anything specific just scanning for my favourite author(s), or the very least, my favourite genre, novels, thriller, action, sci-fi…

Tagged with low prices, piled on or under a table, it’s usually very difficult to leave empty-handed, me and my sister would surely get something by the end of our rounds. That day we got back with these, about 30 books from the both of us at least.


#Books for less #novel on sale. Got the whole lot 😋 #stephenking #robertludlum #tomclancy

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Running for distance

Never had it be in my ambition to run a half marathon (21 KM), 10 is ok, 5 is fun, and a few hundred meters is good for strength, but to endure 21 KM is something not even in my wish list.

I have no real professional training , only by reading runners mag, internet and self-training. I am more used going to gym and weights, training for fitness and strength, running for stamina, cardio and fitness, that’s it, but a marathon is kind of new to me.

Last year, I did a 10 km run with the mass, and it felt kind of ‘lame’ because my run ended kind of quick, well, sort of. Sure, I enjoyed the run but was not worth the trouble to attend the event, thus leaving me determined to go for a 21 KM, half marathon, so this year I registered, that was a few month back and with that I had to start training.

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One afternoon it just rain..

It is the time I’m outstation again and now its the Raining season.

It 6:05 pm… Just started a heavy downpour, raining cats and dogs, they say, winds blowing, strong but not for long durations, more like a quick sweep for a few minutes and then its over… 15 minutes ago it was just cloudy with some light rain that everyone expected to have been over and expecting A nice quiet night… Few hours earlier, it was bright and cloudy, I was even planning to go casting, bored doing nothing, but instinct probably avoided me from going out and true enough it started to drizzle. It would have been uncomfortable in the wet by the river at that time.


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Travels to West Europe. Part 2

Part two travel diary, Zermatt and Paris. A link to flickr photo album and part 1. Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.


18/5 Took the 6am train from Zurich, few exchanges later, arrived Zermatt. Wonderful place and town of the Matterhorn.


The neighborhood #zermatt #travel #backpacking #switzerland

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It was 10:00, some shops are just beginning to open and reached the hostel, no one was there except for a cat.

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Travels to West Europe. Part 1

Travels to western Europe, a diary and note, what begin as an idea turned out to be an adventure… nothing but a mere two weeks of planning and what seems to be a simple journey turned to be the an amazing experience. Part one, Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.

Istanbul, First stop.

The flight to Dubai took 7hrs. 13 hrs transit and another 4hrs from Dubai to Istanbul, Emirates flights are so cool, even at economy fare the service was excellent. They even gave me meal voucher for the transit in Dubai, not first class lounge but still good.

#travel #emirates #dubai

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#coffee #morning in #dubai transit 😴

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Planning backpacking: Europe

the destination does not matter it is the journey.

It started as an ambition and ended as an itenary, having done some intensive reading, fluctuating market on currency exchange, and considering everything, timing and season, the plan to travel backpacking for 2 weeks finally came to life. In two weeks, I made some reading, research and planning and finally everything was done. The tickets booked, and travel arrangements are made.

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 The GPX and KML file

This is something that I’ve stumbled upon when planning for my next backpacking trip, the difference between a GPX (GPS exchange file) and KML (keyhole markup language) so maybe I’ll just share a bit.

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Writing about crap: nothing wrong…

Something new…

Planning to make lunch one day, and meat was on my mind, but I haven’t decided how to cook it. Don’t ask where the idea came from but finally, beef with cheese spread, and so it is…

#beef and #cheese 😳

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Nature lessons, embrace and learn.

It has been some time that I haven’t written anything, been away, busy and at the same time not doing much. Sounds pretty strange, how could you be busy and not doing much but that’s the truth…. Straight to the point, I got to learn how to do some fishing (casting) how to run( trail running) in the jungle, how to read books, and how fun everything really is.

There is a saying that you can always learn something as long as you live, and literally, it’s true. There’s always something new, different, exciting, fun, cool, unique etc that we can do, which we normally “skip” or overlook under normal circumstances. I have learn to forget that something different is not so intimidating and can be a good life lesson experience as well.

Fishing, casting

Had the chance to try to do some casting, a form of very active fishing where I have to throw the lure somewhere “over there” (usually the other side of the river) and in the hope that the splash and movement of the lure would attract my victim to grab it in a very aggressive and get hooked. I learnt there are many types of lure and you could even cast at night using the correct, more expensive, fluorescent lure. I also learnt the types of rods, reels available. Lots of technical jargon and stuff which I wont mention here.

casting reel.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,600 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

sent to the wild

Volunteering to work outstation, even for the one month rotating cycle, was kind of intimidating at first when you’d be living in isolation, away from the city, no shopping malls, limited  internet, no 3G, 4G, not even a G available. Communication is via VSAT, electricity is from a diesel generator and there is no access road to the outside world. Food supply, raw material, groceries, fuel, comes via the river boat. there’s only one grocery shop available. There is a STOL port enough to cater for an ATR aircraft but air transportation is costly, making cargo transportation very expensive.

Daily life is an interesting(challenging) experience by itself as an outsider, you learn to adapt quick, (a trait I gladly acknowledge) there’s nothing much to do except work, and once done, there’s a lot of free time. Filling up that time as best possible and making it worthwhile is fun. I got to learn to do a lot of things here, repair my boots (had to wait a tube of glue to land first), learn the 7 important knot for survival, and the opportunity to do lots of reading. Kind of a blessing in disguise.

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The Pinnacles, Mulu

I had the chance to climb/trek to “the pinnacles” in Mulu national park, an arduous trek and walk up hill a steep slope (3km trek 1100m ascent) , however still very possible for the moderately fit people as I would expect. The trek would take 3-4 hours (speed dependent), and there’s a requirement of reaching certain check points or markers at a defined amount of time, else the guide are required to stop your climb and order you to descend back to camp 5, the base camp of that trail.
This adventure standard itinerary, takes 3 days and 2 nights, which in my opinion could be done in 2 days 1 night, and by some experience I’ve heard, have been done before, but maybe its just the policy or regulation to take things safely and slowly.

Camp 5 before the ascending trek
the pinnacles view

The first part (day) is take a boat from the start, (park office) to the beginning of the trek. From there, walk 8 km to camp 5. The trail is a simple clear pathways in a thick tropical forest, where I started at 12:00 noon and reached camp 5 after 2 hr.

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Mt Serambu, Outing day

Mt Serambu

located in the Bau district of Sarawak, is where the remnants of James Brooke summer cottage used to be, while some information states various discrepancy in height, I can say that the officially published height is approx 1600 feet AMSL and my suunto logged 1500 feet AMSL.

A few of my colleagues, organised a hiking event to Mt Serambu for some outdoor activity, nothing big, just a simple few hour hiking, barbecue fun and a little bit of exercise.

We arranged to meet at a specific meeting point as only one of us knew the location of the climb… it was located somewhere in Kg Peninjau Baru. so we had to drive through villagers houses for a few minutes before reaching the starting point.

begin walk

As we arrived the starting point, we registered RM5 per person for the guide services and entry fee, began the walk which took an uphill climb, boulders and large rocks, lots of bamboo to the left and right. The area is with medium dense forestation as the area was generations ago part of an old settlement. Historically the Rajah of Sarawak James Brooke, is said to have a cottage near the peak of this mountain(what’s left of the cottage was two piece of Berlian wood protruding from the ground) Continue reading Mt Serambu, Outing day

Adverse time to travel

Returning from my visit to Perak, stopped by Singapore for a couple of days, just for the fun of getting my passport stamped. Nothing serious to do, chilling and coming back after two years I guess.

walk day

Booked my hostel at, stayed at Hong Kong street, somewhere near Clarke Quay area (popular night, tourist, scene spot), and basically just had some nice “quiet” time.

almost didn’t want to wake up

Late morning, after a nice sleep, recharge my iPad, iPhone, tweets, FB and all that, view Google map planning for my route. PS: found out apple notes new version is so cool.!! (ios 9) Can save pictures and even doodle, scribble.! Finally.!! LOL. Continue reading Adverse time to travel

Photomarathon fun

The past week I joined the canon photo marathon organised locally. Didn’t win though and it was well expected… I did all the common mistakes and error any (dimwit) photographer newbie could possibly imagine and some of the photos are not even worth submitting… but being a good sport and good competitor, I just submitted anyway.

The entrance fee is mostly for charity purposes and that was why I joined this in the first place.

Although I didn’t win the grand prize, the experience that I gained from this event was very… eye opening. Last but not least to me.
Some of the mistakes that I made, going too far for my shot, which wasted a lot of time while I should have been busy composing and clicking. Did not use the human element in my pictures and was not thinking like a photographer at all. The requirement of submitting unedited pictures was a totally different element and everything need to be on camera editing. It was challenging and fun.

red shirts.

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