Just stir fry spaghetti for lunch..

A simple and plain dish, 15 minutes preparation and 5 minutes cooking


100 gm spaghetti
1 cloves garlic
1 shallot
1/4 fresh chilli
1/4 onions
2-3 table spoon canola oil
50-100g minced beef
tomato sauce,
black pepper.
prepare ingredients

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Free again


There was one time that Santubong mountain was free to climb, I went there the first time at 2008, then few times afterwards, until suddenly one day, there was this structure built, which I thought was nothing. Soon, they started asking for entrance fees, parking fees etc.
looks simple enough

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A smaller one…

At this time, everyone wanting to buy a point and shoot camera should have at least once heard of the sony RX100 (released three years back). With great reviews and listed as among the best compact camera at par with Panasonic LumixTZ70, Canon powershot G7, Fujifilm X100T etc…

#sony #rx100 just got a small one to carry around #photography point and shoot

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What I really like about the camera was the fact that it was small and pocketable, however, using the leather casing (free gift offered by the salesgirl) adds to the size quite a bit, I regret did not opted for a smaller carry case or just a simple pouch. I guess the words “free” and “leather” kind of took me. Continue reading A smaller one…

An ipad artist…

This past few weeks, been quite calm, nothing to do, which leads to too much “free unusable time” if you understand what I mean.

The short story, somewhat like this, odd working hours> free time> read something in mac life magazine > read about drawing, sketching doodling with ipad > looked for apps > downloaded apps and tada…!

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