Mt Serambu, Outing day

Mt Serambu

located in the Bau district of Sarawak, is where the remnants of James Brooke summer cottage used to be, while some information states various discrepancy in height, I can say that the officially published height is approx 1600 feet AMSL and my suunto logged 1500 feet AMSL.

A few of my colleagues, organised a hiking event to Mt Serambu for some outdoor activity, nothing big, just a simple few hour hiking, barbecue fun and a little bit of exercise.

We arranged to meet at a specific meeting point as only one of us knew the location of the climb… it was located somewhere in Kg Peninjau Baru. so we had to drive through villagers houses for a few minutes before reaching the starting point.

begin walk

As we arrived the starting point, we registered RM5 per person for the guide services and entry fee, began the walk which took an uphill climb, boulders and large rocks, lots of bamboo to the left and right. The area is with medium dense forestation as the area was generations ago part of an old settlement. Historically the Rajah of Sarawak James Brooke, is said to have a cottage near the peak of this mountain(what’s left of the cottage was two piece of Berlian wood protruding from the ground)

big boulder

The climb was relatively easy, we reached the peak at two hours on average, some steep sections assisted with nylon ropes but the mossy rock and ground needs extra caution as we could slip easily.

beautiful forest

Some of the viewing points are very nice and clear, you could see the landscape at a wide angle to the West and east of the mountains, however the haze obscured our vision to no more than a few KM.

eating time

As planned, we made some provision to have a little chicken barbeque and “pansoh” (chicken coked in bamboo) a traditional recipe of the Iban tribe, We all had a wonderful time together and what made it even better was everybody cooperation in getting the various chores done. Cutting bamboo, making fire and collecting water from the ground spring.

Barbecue and pansoh
pansoh chicken

After done eating and rest, we cleaned up the site, walk back to the base point and from the start to end in total was 7 hour before we head home.

Adverse time to travel

Returning from my visit to Perak, stopped by Singapore for a couple of days, just for the fun of getting my passport stamped. Nothing serious to do, chilling and coming back after two years I guess.

walk day

Booked my hostel at, stayed at Hong Kong street, somewhere near Clarke Quay area (popular night, tourist, scene spot), and basically just had some nice “quiet” time.

almost didn’t want to wake up

Late morning, after a nice sleep, recharge my iPad, iPhone, tweets, FB and all that, view Google map planning for my route. PS: found out apple notes new version is so cool.!! (ios 9) Can save pictures and even doodle, scribble.! Finally.!! LOL.

Now planning to go to The North Face shop at Ion Orchard, but before that, a walk about, sight-seeing. Did not carry much cash, SGD150. This year economy has been very bad, and the currency exchange is totally not in favour of my bank account. For the moment, I have to scrape my plans to Europe.

Walking to Boat Quay north, passing the Arts House, the weather’s very hazy because of the open burning in Indonesia, at this time of year but there’s still two or three people I could see jogging!?

haze weather this time of year
the light house
noting much to see because of this haze

Walk by City Hall, St Andrews Cathedral, Then up Fort Canning park, at Raffles Terrace, where you could learn some of the nations’ maritime history. Time for a bus to orchard road, found that I was at the wrong stop, so I just continued walking, until I reached Orchard Road, had coffee at Costa coffee, nice cappuccino lovely atmosphere, sit for a while reading Revival, Stephen King.

Late breakfast #Costa #coffee #travel #singapore

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After that nice break, to Ion Orchard for The North Face shop, nothing there I liked, moved to Paragon shopping mall outlet and bought a t-shirt, and a pair of shoe, for SGD122.

Continued wondering about, I was thinking about lunch and ended at Takasimaya, having chicken rice, after that, hang and more coffee at coffee bean & tea leaf, reading some more.

6:40pm Out Takasimaya back to hostel.

short visit, but good for a change

The next day it was check-out time, then to the airport. Pleasant stay, nice relaxing time sight-seeing and window shopping but as I expected, window shopping for me or most probably any other guy, the endurance limit is only for a few hours the most before all that glamour, glitz, flaunting ads becomes blah. Yet a little change from rugged outdoors adventure wont hurt much except for some Singapore dollars.

Photomarathon fun

The past week I joined the canon photo marathon organised locally. Didn’t win though and it was well expected… I did all the common mistakes and error any (dimwit) photographer newbie could possibly imagine and some of the photos are not even worth submitting… but being a good sport and good competitor, I just submitted anyway.

The entrance fee is mostly for charity purposes and that was why I joined this in the first place.

Although I didn’t win the grand prize, the experience that I gained from this event was very… eye opening. Last but not least to me.
Some of the mistakes that I made, going too far for my shot, which wasted a lot of time while I should have been busy composing and clicking. Did not use the human element in my pictures and was not thinking like a photographer at all. The requirement of submitting unedited pictures was a totally different element and everything need to be on camera editing. It was challenging and fun.

red shirts.

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First time backpacking China

part 2 of 2 (continuation of part 1)

June 12, 2015. A long journey.

Arrived Huaihua at 11:20 and thought that we would missed the train as the ticket to Zhangjiajie was scheduled at 11:30, found out train to Zhangjiajie is 14:00 and instructed to change ticket. Changed the time to 14:00 without extra charge, Arrived Zhangjiajie south train station at 17:00. Total of 17 hour travel time. :-/

a light meal on the train

14:00, depart to Zhangjiajie, arrive 18:00.

Searched for a hotel nearby the station and cable car, walk-in. Got one for ¥180 per night. Booked for 2 nights.

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