First time backpacking China

part 2 of 2 (continuation of part 1)

June 12, 2015. A long journey.

Arrived Huaihua at 11:20 and thought that we would missed the train as the ticket to Zhangjiajie was scheduled at 11:30, found out train to Zhangjiajie is 14:00 and instructed to change ticket. Changed the time to 14:00 without extra charge, Arrived Zhangjiajie south train station at 17:00. Total of 17 hour travel time. :-/

a light meal on the train

14:00, depart to Zhangjiajie, arrive 18:00.

Searched for a hotel nearby the station and cable car, walk-in. Got one for ¥180 per night. Booked for 2 nights.

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First time backpacking China

Once upon a time in China…

part 1 of 2

“西安” in the name Xi’an mean “Western Peace” Travel diary to China 2015, traveller story, tips and maybe something new. Trying to write about the biggest place on earth as elementary as possible.

June 5, 2015 landed xian at 23:30

Taxi pickup to hostel ¥150. Check-in Ancient Youth Hostel, ¥50 per night and went to bed.

June 6, 2015. Terracotta warriors

In the morning, decided to walk to the bus station and take the bus to the terracotta warriors site, searching for the bus station, we got lost for a while. After 2 hours, finally found the bus station and train station (they are nearby each other) which is located just outside the gate of Xian north-east entrance.

There was a long line for the bus (about 200 people in front) but as there was like one bus every 10 minutes on the roll, we got on to the bus about 20 minutes later. Bus fare ¥7.

the line stretch really far.

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Holiday photos

The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

quote-'Gilbert K.Chesterton'

Flipping my iPad, checking emails, bank accounts etc, which then lead to my flickr page, old pictures, I recalled asking friends about their travels… ‘did you took any pictures?’, ‘how many?’ and later, find out that most of them really didn’t bother much.

They focused more on shopping, buying souvenirs, eating, sightseeing, sleeping etc.

flick flick and swipe

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traveling work

Traveling or going away for holiday is fun, traveling because of work for the company, well, maybe not that fun… The 9 to 5 rules applies, attend meetings, hear talk, seminars, all that stuff. The only thing good about it is the fact that everything is free and paid for. If you re traveling for your own business, I guess that’s even better because you’re making money from your travels.

Celyn hotel

With a little bit of luxury… (Compared to a backpackers hostel) having your own bathroom, fresh bed comforters, towels and 4 fluffy scented pillows, I have to admit that I could be turned into a spoiled, whining traveller if too much exposed to all this ridiculous overly charged luxury. 😋 .

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