Planning backpacking: Europe

the destination does not matter it is the journey.

It started as an ambition and ended as an itenary, having done some intensive reading, fluctuating market on currency exchange, and considering everything, timing and season, the plan to travel backpacking for 2 weeks finally came to life. In two weeks, I made some reading, research and planning and finally everything was done. The tickets booked, and travel arrangements are made.

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 The GPX and KML file

This is something that I’ve stumbled upon when planning for my next backpacking trip, the difference between a GPX (GPS exchange file) and KML (keyhole markup language) so maybe I’ll just share a bit.

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Writing about crap: nothing wrong…

Something new…

Planning to make lunch one day, and meat was on my mind, but I haven’t decided how to cook it. Don’t ask where the idea came from but finally, beef with cheese spread, and so it is…

#beef and #cheese 😳

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Nature lessons, embrace and learn.

It has been some time that I haven’t written anything, been away, busy and at the same time not doing much. Sounds pretty strange, how could you be busy and not doing much but that’s the truth…. Straight to the point, I got to learn how to do some fishing (casting) how to run( trail running) in the jungle, how to read books, and how fun everything really is.

There is a saying that you can always learn something as long as you live, and literally, it’s true. There’s always something new, different, exciting, fun, cool, unique etc that we can do, which we normally “skip” or overlook under normal circumstances. I have learn to forget that something different is not so intimidating and can be a good life lesson experience as well.

Fishing, casting

Had the chance to try to do some casting, a form of very active fishing where I have to throw the lure somewhere “over there” (usually the other side of the river) and in the hope that the splash and movement of the lure would attract my victim to grab it in a very aggressive and get hooked. I learnt there are many types of lure and you could even cast at night using the correct, more expensive, fluorescent lure. I also learnt the types of rods, reels available. Lots of technical jargon and stuff which I wont mention here.

casting reel.

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